Soil Polishing Filters

This method offers a cost-effective and efficient way to distribute treated effluent, particularly in situations where space, soil quality, or regulatory requirements may pose challenges for traditional systems. Proper design, installation, and maintenance are essential to ensure the system operates effectively and meets regulatory standards.

  • Distribution through Conventional Distribution Box

    Wastewater from a secondary treatment system can be directed to a conventional distribution box for controlled dispersal.

  • Gravity or Pumped Dispersal:

    Dispersal can occur either through gravity flow using perforated 4″ pipes, or by using a pumped distribution system. This ensures even distribution and prevents water build-up and breakouts.

  • Low Pressure Pipe Networks

    This method, also known as Low Pressure Pipe Networks, allows for efficient and controlled distribution of wastewater across the entire treatment area.

  • Integration with Pump System

    Integrated pump systems can be installed to facilitate even distribution, especially in cases where gravity flow may not be sufficient.

Wastewater or effluent from a Secondary treatment system can be delivered to a conventional distribution box for dispersal by gravity through perforated 4” pipes or by means of pumped distribution throughout the entire area ensuring even distribution and preventing water build up and breakouts. Also known as Low Pressure Pipe Networks the method can be used at ground level or for raised beds or soil polishing filters often with a smaller footprint than conventional trench percolations saving on imported soil and labour.
The method gets full utilisation of integrated pump systems fitted in most wastewater treatment units. The system can be fully maintained ensuring lifelong service.

All systems are site specifically designed as required by Local Authorities, but also to ensure compatibility with the pump system, sizing, site elevations, number of pump cycles, etc. using Us Epa Orifice Fomulea TPW Systems ltd offer full DESIGN, REPORT & INSTALLATION service.