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  • Supply of our own Manufactured Eurotank Range of Septic tanks and Treatment systems
  • Market-leading range of;

    • Percolation areas

    • Infiltration areas

    • Soil polishing

    • Sand Polishing filters

    • Tertiary treatment units

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    Our Septic tank Services

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    Groundbreakers in Percolation Pioneering Sustainable Solutions

    We Install

    From waste to wonder, we've got your ground covered!"

    We Supply

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    innovation we've got the solution

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    FREE Site Visit and Consultation

    TPW Systems are the proven experts in design, supply, installation and certification with many years’ experience repairing and renewing failed septic tank systems and problematic percolation areas.

    We are offer a complete start to finish package with initial free consultation and site visit and work on both Domestic and Commercial projects. Our Septic Tank and Waste Water Treatment upgrade services include :

    • Site assessment percolation tests
    • In-house site-specific design of complete system
    • Submission of Grant approval where available
    • House sale compliance
    • Final Certification
    • Maintenance

    Our Septic Tank Upgrade Services

    TPW Systems have upgraded thousands of septic tanks in the South East since 2008. We provide a full turn key service to our customers and cover counties Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny, Carlow, Wicklow , and Kildare. From inspection to design and form installation to certification.

    Customized Solutions: We provide a range of tailored upgrade solutions to meet the unique needs of your septic system.

    Advanced Technologies: Explore the latest innovations we incorporate into our septic tank upgrades for optimal performance. Our proprietary Eurotank System is widely specified and PIA Certified.

    Comprehensive Assessments: Our experts conduct thorough assessments to determine the most suitable upgrades for your system.

    Contact us today for a FREE assessment.


    Widest range of concrete septic tanks on the market

    • Initial Inspection:

      Understand the importance of a detailed inspection before initiating any upgrades. The inspection will enable us to  :

      • Conduct a thorough inspection of the existing septic system to identify any issues or shortcomings.
      • Evaluate the system’s capacity and whether it meets the current and future needs of the household.
    • Selecting the Right System:

      Choose an appropriate septic tank system based on the property’s specific needs and the design recommendations. Options may include:

      • Traditional septic systems,
      • Aerobic treatment units,
      • Other advanced treatment systems.
    • Excavation and Installation:

      Excavate the area around the existing septic tank to allow for installation of the new components.

      Install the new septic tank and any additional components, such as distribution boxes or drain fields, according to the design specifications.

    Widest range of concrete septic tanks on the market

    • Supply of our own Manufactured
      Eurotank Range of Septic tanks and
      Treatment systems
      Market leading range of

      • Percolation areas
      • Infiltration areas
      • Soil polishing
      • Sand Polishing filters
      • Tertiary treatment units

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      Full installation Service

      • Highly Experienced professional Installation crew Fully insured, with vast experience
      • Our company take particular pride in a wide range of  job specific plant and machinery we have acquired to minimise disruption to gardens sites etc.
      • Ground protection methods including matting etc
      • Full certification of the upgraded system will be provided on completion

      Why Upgrade Your Septic Tank?

      Function of the house

      Septic tank system that are showing signs or symptoms of failure ie. Need regular emptying, toilets not flushing properly, signs of grass overgrowth, will eventually fail leading to no Toilets.

      Planning on Selling The house

      Having dealth with many house sale related septic tank issues our best advice is to have the system checked by ourselves before putting it up for sale. We have seen many good sale spoiled over the issue being raised after sale agreed!

      Planning on Extending the house

      The existing system will always need to be assessed pre-planning to establish if it is compliant or if for example it includes an extra bedroom and the system is deemed not big enough for the extra loading it may then be necessary to upgrade or upscale

      Cost Savings

      Systems in particular those fitted during the boom years are very inefficient and for example Are breached and letting in water causing high electricity bills for over pumping. This is typical of plastic tanks who crack easily

      Health and safety

      Any failure of the system and subsequent ponding or groundwater pollution can very likely lead to serious health issues including serious sickness from Ecoli through physical contamination or worse through drinking contaminated water from your well.

      It’s the Law

      Any form of pollution or illegal discharge to groundwater or surface streams carries serious penalties under Law. There are currently several cases before the courts.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How do I know if I have problem with my septic tank or percolation area?

      There are many signs or symptoms of failure but more common ones are:

      • Tank Needs regular emptying,
      • Toilets not flushing properly,
      • Signs of grass overgrowth or black water ponding
        unwanted smells
      • Awareness of illegal discharge to ditch or stream.
      • Problems with treatment systems – water ingress, regular pump failure etc
      2. What should I do if I notice any signs of septic system Failure?

      Simply Contact ourselves for free consultation and avail of our vast experience in solving all issues – sometimes very simply with a minor issues eg. Blockage or pump failure causing big problems.

      Tpw systems offer a unique one stop shop start to finish service to solve the problem

      3. What is the process if the whole septic system needs to be upgraded?

      As mention we will call out and assess the existing system for minor faults or simple fixes If deemed beyond repair;

      1. We assess the complete site and design a COST EFFECTIVE upgrade solutions Using the many options we manufacture and supply. All designs are in line with Epa Code Of Practice 2021 and designed by our own inhouse professionals qualified as Ftec Certified Site Suitability Assessors and Hydrologists.
      2. A contract is offered outlining all works to be carried out.
      3. Our Highly experienced, fully insured team arrive to carry out the installation.
      4. On completion a maintenance agreement is put in place for regular servicing and Aftercare – and certificate of compliance where applicable is issued
      4. Does it effect the house while the works are taking place?

      Effectively it does not and certainly does not mean having to move out- the works generally take 3 to 4 days

      5. Will the new septic system effect my Garden much?

      The actual installation works of the system does cause some disruption but TPW Systems have the best operations for minimizing disruption.
      The system fitted will be the least invasive as Our Eurotank range is the only system on the
      market designed specifically to minimise effect to gardens with for example requiring the
      smallest areas required for percolation areas.

      6. What area do TPW systems cover ?

      We provide a full turn key service to our customers and cover counties Waterford , Wexford , Kilkenny , Carlow, Wicklow , and Kildare . From inspection to design and form installation to certification.

      7. How much does the typical septic tank upgrade cost

      This varies quite a bit but full supply installations can vary from €8000 To €15000 + Vat – But Tpw systems offer best service and value in market for efficient
      system that will last a lifetime – for example we only us Concrete units! We always work
      whitin EpA guidelines

      8. Is there a Grant available to upgrade my septic tank ?

      A question we are asked a lot of late There is in very very limted situations and mapped locations.
      Please follow link to our grant info section here