Conventional Septic Tanks

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Concrete Septic Tank Systems

Eurotank Septic Tank Systems from Tpw Systems are a conventional method of wastewater treatment from domestic housing and commercial units. Consists of 2 chamber septic tank for primary settlement and trenched percolation area where treatment and ground disposal takes place. It is ideal for sites with a good depth of permeable soil, with room to facilitate the percolation area. It is the simplest and most cost effective method but suitability should be ascertained from a site assessment carried out in accordance with the Epa Code of Practice 2009. Tanks are Manufactured by Tpw Eurotank and are En12566/1 NSAI Sr66 Certified as listed on Pia Gmbh website here  list of units for Irish use. Percolation areas are as per section7 Epa Code Of Practice 2009

A percolation area, also known as a leach field, absorption field, or soil absorption area, is a component of on-site wastewater treatment systems used to further treat and disperse effluent from a septic tank or other secondary treatment systems.

Schematic Layout

Tuf Tite Distribution Box

Tuf Tite Distribution Boxes with Adjustable weir outlet system to ensure Even distribution to each trench

En12566/1 sr66 Certification