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Septic Tank and Waste Water Treatment Service and Repair

TPW Systems have a dedicated service team for aftersales maintenance to all systems supplied and fitted by ourselves. We also offer service and repairs to all makes and types, including:

  • Eurotank
  • Bord Na Mona
  • Puraflo – Peat replacement service
  • Biocrete
  • Biocycle
  • Envirocare
  • Enviropac
  • Tricel
  • FHM
  • Biounits , Secondary treatment System , aerobic treatment systems , aeration units Effluent pump,

Stockist and installers of all wastewater treatment parts including effluent pump, Media, Puraflo Peat Fibre replacement blowers , control units etc

Board Na Mona Peat Fibre Replacement Service .

Septic Tank Service and Repair, aeas we cover.

TPW Systems have serviced and repaired  000’s of septic tanks in the South East since 2008 . We provide service and repair solutions to customers and cover counties Waterford , Wexford , Kilkenny , Carlow, Wicklow , and Kildare .

Experienced technician  : Our team of experienced technicians are equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to diagnose and address any issues efficiently.

Prompt response : From routine maintenance to emergency repairs , we aim to deliver a prompt and reliable service keep homes and business running smoothly .

TPW Systems is the trusted partner for dependable septic tank repair ensuring peace of mind and optimal performance all year round.


  • Initial Inspection:

    Understand the importance of a detailed inspection before initiating any upgrades. The inspection will enable us to  :

    • Conduct a thorough inspection of the existing septic system to identify any issues or shortcomings.
    • Evaluate the system’s capacity and whether it meets the current and future needs of the household.
  • Selecting the Right System:

    Choose an appropriate septic tank system based on the property’s specific needs and the design recommendations.

    Options may include traditional septic systems, aerobic treatment units, or other advanced treatment systems.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why Choose Tpw Systems to service repair my septic tank or wastewater treatment system?

    Put simply we love septic tanks and we have particular pride in our
    vast knowledge of all systems and how they work and why they

    • Highly experience service engineers
    • Fully insured
    • Stocked vans to avoid call backs
    • Annual service and maintenance contracts available
    • Service reports
    2. Why should I Have my Septic System Serviced?

    Basically all systems need to be serviced to ensure proper operation and to
    save on costly needless repairs, prevent illegal pollution or serious health risk
    due to surface ponding or water well contamination.

    3. How often should I Have my system serviced?

    -If it is a conventional septic tank with no electrical supply to it will
    need to be desludged at least every 2 years by registered desludging
    -If it has an electrical supply it will be some form of Wastewater
    treatment system and will at the very least need servicing every 2
    years depending on persons using it!

    4. What does the service include?

    On arrival a full assessment is carried out on the system and percolation area.
    Any necessary components replacement is discussed with the home owner. A
    general service is carried with replacement of blower filters, sludge return flush
    outs etc.

    5. What are the signs symptoms that my septic system is not working or needs attention?

    There are many signs or symptoms of failure but more common ones are:

    • Tank Needs regular emptying
    • Toilets not flushing properly,
    • Signs of grass overgrowth or black water ponding
    • Unwanted smells
    • Awareness of illegal discharge to ditch or stream.
    • Problems with treatment systems – water ingress, regular pump failure etc.