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TPW Systems Install Waste Water Treatment System at Iconic Site in Tipperary

TPW Systems has implemented an innovative wastewater treatment system that harmonizes with
the natural beauty of its surroundings. Nestled on the north eastern shore of Lough Derg, the largest
of the River Shannon & lakes, Slevoir House boasts a unique position with an expansive 1.5
kilometers of lake frontage. This project not only addresses essential wastewater treatment needs
but also underscores a commitment to environmental stewardship in such a breath-taking locale.

The installation of TPW Systems wastewater treatment solution at Slevoir House is a testament to
the company’s dedication to creating sustainable, eco-friendly solutions that seamlessly integrate
into diverse landscapes. The lakeside location presented both opportunities and challenges,
requiring a system that not only met regulatory standards but also preserved the delicate balance of
the ecosystem.

Given the scenic lakeshore surroundings, TPW Systems Eurotank Systems ensured that the
wastewater treatment installation at Slevoir House adhered to the highest environmental standards.
The system incorporates advanced technologies that efficiently treat wastewater, minimizing
environmental impact and safeguarding the pristine waters of Lough Derg. The choice of technology
considers the unique characteristics of the lakeshore, demonstrating TPW Systems adaptability and
commitment to bespoke solutions.

Beyond functionality, the location of the wastewater treatment system were carefully considered to
complement the natural beauty of Slevoir House. The systems design blends with the landscape,
maintaining the visual integrity of the lakeshore. This attention to detail underscores TPW Systems
understanding that sustainability goes hand in hand with preserving the intrinsic beauty of the

In conclusion, TPW Systems wastewater treatment installation at Slevoir House goes beyond mere
functionality, showcasing a harmonious coexistence of modern technology and natural splendor. The
project stands as great example of responsible environmental management, reflecting the delicate
balance between human infrastructure and the pristine lakeshore setting of Slevoir House on Lough

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