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Treatment Systems Packaged Tertiary

Packaged tertiary treatment systems refer to self-contained units designed to provide an advanced level of treatment to wastewater before it is discharged into the environment. These systems are typically used after primary and secondary treatment processes to further purify the effluent. Here are some key features and considerations for packaged tertiary treatment systems:

  • Advanced Treatment

    Packaged tertiary treatment systems are designed to remove additional contaminants, including pathogens, nutrients, and other impurities, from wastewater.

  • Stand-Alone Units

    They come as complete, pre-fabricated units that are ready for installation. This minimizes the need for extensive on-site construction

  • Versatility in Design

    These systems can be customized to suit specific site conditions, treatment goals, and regulatory requirements.

  • Compliance with Regulations

    Packaged tertiary treatment systems are engineered to meet local and national environmental regulations governing wastewater discharg

  • Components and Processes

    They often incorporate a combination of technologies such as filtration, disinfection, chemical treatment, and biological processes to achieve the desired level of treatment.

  • Reduced Footprint

    Packaged tertiary treatment systems are designed to be compact, making them suitable for sites with limited space.

Eurotank TER3, is a CONCRETE Packaged Tertiary Treatment System which further treats effluent from a secondary treatment system Eurotank BAF. It is an allowed form of Tertiary Treatment, under Option section 10.3 EpA Code of Practice ideal for all sites including difficult sites, with high vulnerability, Nutrient or Pathogen Sensitive area`s and especially suited to small sites due to its small footprint.

Raw sewage enters the secondary unit by gravity from the house and is treated, effluent then leaves this unit and is pumped via a network of piping over the surface of the TER3 , it then trickles down through the various layers receiving Biological treatment before final discharge to the ground. The unit is connected to a network of perforated pipes and sits on a layer of distribution gravel as a slightly raised small bed or finished at ground level, depending on the results of the percolation test.

Eurotank TER3 is a Cost effective, Efficient method of complete on-site wastewater treatment and disposal

  • Operation Principles

    Secondary treated water from the tank is pumped and distributed via a pipe network with orificing shielding.Water is distributed evenly over the Fibre safe Bags which remove any residual solids and in particular greases which ensure long life use of the natural and synthetic mix fibre Media.

    The waters then trickle through the fibre to receive final treatment and polishing before entering the percolation pipework over a bed of stone for distribution and final discharge to underlying soils.