Eurotank Sandbox WS-1


Eurotank SANDBOX, is a Sand Polishing Filter which further treats effluent from a secondary treatment system eg. Eurotank BAF. It is the best form of Tertiary Treatment, ideal for all sites including difficult sites with bad or no soil,
and especially suited to small sites due to its small footprint -20m2 for single house.

Raw sewage enters the secondary unit by gravity from the house and is treated, effluent then leaves this unit and is pumped via a network of piping over the surface of the SANDBOX, it then trickles down through the various layers
receiving Biological treatment before final discharge to the ground. The unit is bottomless and sits on a layer of distribution gravel as a raised bed or finished at ground level, depending on the results of the percolation test.

Eurotank Sandbox is a Cost effective, More Efficient alternative to soil polishing filters and packaged peat /coco Tertiary Units.


Eurotank Sandbox is a stratified (layered) system which has proved to be most efficient method


Main market leading features