Percolation Area Options

Our extensive range of Secondary Treatment Systems are available with the following infiltration/percolation areas, ground disposal options to suit all sites and specifications. All available with full design, supply, installation and aftercare if required.

BAF2 Concrete

Wastewater Treatment Systems


Gravity Discharge

Gravity or pump fed Adjustable distribution Box with perforated piping in stoned trenches

Pump Discharge

Site specifically designed pipe networks, with full Flush out valve system, many pressure equalisations features & unique Orifice shields.

Sand Polishing Filters

Lined containment DIY Kits or full supply/build option.

Packaged Tertiary Treatment

Drip Dispersal

Drip dispersal or irrigation is a method used to spread discharge of treated areas over a wide area by use of controlled droplet dispersal.

All our systems available with