Secondary Wastewater Treatment Systems

Product Description

TPW Eurotank BAF2 is a very strong Concrete, Economical, Efficient, Wastewater/Sewage Treatment System for use in domestic housing and commercial applications.

The system is En12566/3 & NSAI SR66 Certified as listed on Pia Gmbh for Irish Use.

Eurotank BAF uses Moving Bed Technology in a 3 stage Biological Aeration Filtration process as a very simple method of treatment with great effluent quality. The range comprises various tank sizes, comes fully built and delivered with a lot of installation advantages. Full after-sales service nationwide service.

INTERNAL Treatment Process and Chamber Layout

The process has 3 functions housed in 3 chambers.

Chamber 1

Primary settlement chamber, receives raw sewage & separates solids.

Chamber 2

Reactor, Biological Treatment by use of aeration and high spec fluidised media.

Chamber 3

Clarifier, any remaining solids are allowed settle and returned to the primary to aid denitrification.

Final effluent leaves chamber 3 via gravity or pumped outlet.