Main Market Leading Key Features


  • Simple treatment process ✔
  • Easy to install, suits all sites ✔
  • Comes with 800mm lid to pipe ✔
  • Completely sealed ✔
  • Aesthetic lawn finish ✔
  • No troublesome moving parts or computers
  • Can be installed with regular digger etc,
  • No need for extra costly risers
  • No leaking loose concrete lid or risers
  • No protruding concrete risers or electric mini pillars


TPW Eurotank BAF2 is a very strong Concrete, Economical, Efficient, Wastewater/Sewage Treatment System for use in domestic housing and commercial applications.

The system is En12566/3 & NSAI SR66 Certified as listed on Pia Gmbh for Irish Use. Eurotank BAF uses Fluidised Bed Technology in a 3 stage Biological Aeration Filtration process as a very simple method of treatment with great effluent quality. The range comprises various tank sizes, comes fully built and delivered with a lot of installation advantages. Full after-sales service nationwide service.


A Pvc Risers, sealed no leaks, Ground Adjustable
B: Enclosure, Aesthetic control unit housing
C: ECO Blower unit
D: Control unit with built in Mcb`s & alarm
E: Sludge return, solids removal & activated sludge
F: Media Bed
G: Aeration Diffusers

Internal Treatment Process & Chamber Layout

The Process has 3 Functions Housed in 3 Chambers
Chamber 1 – Primary settlement chamber, receives raw Sewage and Wastewater & settle solids.
Chamber 2 – Reactor, Biological treatment with use of aeration and high spec Fluidised Media
Chamber 3 – Clarifier, any remaining soilds are allowed settle and are returned to primary chamber to aid activated sludge process
Final Effluent leaves chamber 3 Via gravity or float switched pump.

En12566/ 3 SR66 Certification


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